The Chronicles of Narnia


In theory, Avatar Bizarre will be in a hunt with a Narnia theme.  Well, technically, the hunt covers all of C.S. Lewis’ works, but he’s best known for the Chronicles of Narnia.  To that end, I’ve chosen The Silver Chair as my hunt gift inspiration.

Prince Rilian, enslaved and enchanted by Queen Jadis, must be rescued by Eustace and Jill.  The two kids, accompanied by the Marshwiggle, Puddleglum, surmount incredible odds and hardship to discover Rilian living deep underground, and being held captive by a powerful enchantment.  Their job is to break that enchantment and bring the rightful heir to the throne at Cair Paravel.

The “Rilian” outfit includes a black doublet and pants with accents in green (Green as poison), along with a pair of soft leather green boots.

The female gift is Jadis, herself.  This is a slinky, sexy gown that includes a pair of green (as poison) boots, and a jeweled collar and cape.


The hunt will run through the month of November.  After the hunt, these outfits will be available in six different colors, as well as in Petite form.

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