Son of Oi!

(ed. note:  I had a blog under my avatar name, but it’s a bit dead now.  All of my favorite posts will be moved to this blog over the next few days.)

From the “Decades” collection that brought you the 50s Rebel:

Punk’s not dead. A zombie bit it and it’s gonna eat your brains.

So says the teeshirt that comes with this outfit, and it’s completely true. Whether you’re the type of punk rocker who stomps around to the dulcet sounds of The Exploited, or you prefer to mosh to the Dead Kennedys, this is the perfect punk look for you.

It comes with four pairs of striped pants (blue, red, green, and grey), a leather jacket with all the prim bits you need, the Punk’s Not Dead shirt, a studded belt, a dog collar with padlock, and a pair of boots for stomping around in.

Everything is modify and copy so you can resize things to fit your own avatar. The belt will size down quite a way (I checked!) so if you’re way skinnier than I am, don’t fret because this thing will probably fit you fine.

It’s probably important to note that this is available for male Petite Mesh Avatars, but not for female Petite Mesh Avatars.  I know, I know.  But I’ve been up to my eyeballs in other projects, so you have to cut a guy some slack.


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