H and an E and an L and an L. . .Swing me, baby


Every time the Mr. Hunter Hunt appears on the horizon, Avatar Bizarre is ready to be a part of it.  Even though it kicks off in November this year, I have completed the outfit I’ll be giving away as a part of this hunt.

The Swing Outfit is another stunning Vintage ensemble, which includes the pork pie hat, suspenders, vest, shirt, pants, pocket watch, and shoes.  It will be available in several colors once the hunt is over, but during the hunt, Green is the name of the game.  Guys just don’t wear enough green, and I’m aiming to fix that.

The background in this shot was taken at Innsmouth, one of the HP Lovecraftian sims in Second Life.  It’s a spooky town full of mystique and alleged monsters.  It’s also a vintage build, centered around the 1920s and 1930s.

Style card:

Shape:  Sredni Eel
Eyes:  Avatar Bizarre – Mountain Sunrise Blue Prim
Hair:  A&A group gift
Skin: Redgrave Emil Pale

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