Gothic Peacock – Splendor in darkness


Inspiration is like a cat:  It never comes when you call it, and when it does show up, it will rake its claws into your leg until you pay attention to it.  In this case, Inspiration was a meek little kitten, as I tried to figure out what to make for a Peacock Hunt I’d signed up for.  At first I thought I was going to make the typical bright blue and green stuff I’m sure most of the other merchants will make on this hunt.  But I wasn’t thrilled with what kept coming out of my head, so I took a different tack and went with dark.  Oh, so dark.

Gothic Peacock is splendor in deep, dark, and muted peacock colors; a vaguely Victorian style Gothic suit with a twist.  I initially had a hat for this ensemble, but it pulled things together rather pimpishly, so it was left to moulder in the dark recesses of my inventory.

I may still give the hat away as a part of this suit for the hunt, though I think the hat will be left out of the package once this suit goes on sale.


Soon to be available in several colors, the Steel Blue color shown comes with the vest, coat, pants, shirt, shirt collar and cravat, coat collar, coat cuffs, shirt cuffs, pant cuffs, and shows.  Basically, it’s the whole shebang, and it includes little peacock buttons on the back of the coat, just in case you were wondering where the Peacock was in this ensemble.

The Beauty of the Peacock Hunt begins on January 11.  It’s roughly a three week hunt, and items will be 2L each.  As always, Avatar Bizarre will have a hunt hint on the poster.  There should also be a picture of the item near the poster, just as a reminder of what you’re looking for.

Darkness Falls Across the Land – See a Little Better With Eyes!


Have I mentioned how much I love Halloween?

Part of it has to do with all the creepy crawlies and groovy ghoulies.  Everything seems spooky at night, and that’s when all the monsters come out to terrorize you.

It’s a fact that one of the scariest places to be at night is in the middle of a haunted forest, where the werewolf hunts, and the dark faerie folk lead you astray (and to certain doom).  So what better way to show your love of all things frightening than with a pair of eyes that reflect a tree in the moonlight?

The Haunted Forest Eyes are something special:  They are available in six different colors and each package includes two sets of mesh eyes, and three sets of prim eyes, as well as a white sclera system eye set.

These eyes, perfect for Halloween, Lycans, Fae, Vampires, and Goths, are available on the Marketplace and inworld at my shop.


Madness Lies With the Yellow King


Saturday, October 20 from 6-10pm SLT, there is going to be a massive Halloween party in the Dunwich sim.  Yours truly (in the King in Yellow) will be DJing from 6-8pm.  I play a variety of esoteric 80s New Wave, Gothic, Post Punk, Dance, and other fun things.  Plus I do requests.

8-10pm DJ Gavin Mistwallow will be hitting the airwaves.

In addition to the costume contest, where you can win some cold, hard cash, there will be prize giveaways from the likes of Avatar Bizarre, Immateria, Howling Moon Creations, Perceptions, and more.  As if that weren’t enough, there will also be a mini-hunt in the graveyard all weekend long, where you can find all kinds of nifty prizes from almost a dozen sponsors!

Pictured:  The King in Yellow.
I created this for the Halloween party, and will be selling it afterwards.  The King in Yellow has a strong desire for World Domination, and he has the ability to possess the bodies of those unfortunate souls who have fallen under his power.  He is, quite possibly, an incarnation of Nyarlathotep, the Crawling Chaos.  Or possibly of Hastur.  He usually takes a gigantic humanoid form, dressed in tattered yellow robes.  Though he sometimes sports a pair of wings or a halo, I’ve given mine a set of demon horns, as befitting Pure Evil.

Originally found in a play said to cause madness in all who read it, he wears a pallid mask to conceal the horror that lies beneath.

Once again, The King in Yellow, worn by DJ Sredni Eel can be seen at the Village of Nyght Halloween party on Saturday, October 20 from 6-10pm. just click that link, then hit “party” on the teleporter when you get there.

See you there, and you will all go completely mad!

The Eyes Have It


Remember the Eighties?  Yeah, remember how people used to dress in neon, throw on leg warmers, and dance around to She Bop by Cyndi Lauper?  Remember that?  I’m sure you do.  We all do, whether we want to or not.

I’m betting you probably don’t remember the darker, weirder side of the “Me” decade.  This is the part of the Eighties that gave us Sisters of Mercy, Front 242, Skinny Puppy, and…THE RESIDENTS.

If you don’t know who these guys are, don’t worry.  You aren’t alone.  The Residents were known for their anonymity.  They famously wore masks, and the most famous of these masks were the eyeballs with top hats.  The legend goes that these folks performed wearing these masks until the blue eye was stolen one day.  The Residents put a curse on the thief.  The thief eventually left a note where the eye could be found, but it had a huge crack in it.  From then on “Mister Blue Eye” wore a black skull, since the eye had “Died”.

Now is your chance to own one of these amazing eyeballs in Second Life. They make a fantastic costume for Eighties events, Halloween, or for going on first dates.  Hey, if your intended isn’t scared off by this, then that person is a keeper.

Best worn with a tuxedo.  You can acquire one at the store inworld, or on the Marketplace here.

New Brunswick Rides Again


New Brunswick’s Naval Commander has commissioned Ye Olde Avatarre Bizarre for some uniforms of varying ranks.  This one is the Midshipman; a lower rank, but an important cog in the military machine.

The 18th Century was a time when the military dressed smartly, and both sides ran at each other in a straight line.  The New Brunswick Royal Navy was no exception.  The frock coats were a dark blue with lots of brass buttons (or wooden buttons with brass flashing).  The ubiquitous tricorner hat sported a smart Cockade on the left side, and often the officer hats would include some detailed scalloped stitching along the edge in silver or gold.

This Midshipman will be available in the New Brunswick sim, as well as my main store and on the marketplace.  If you join the New Brunswick role play group, you will receive a discount on all uniforms from Avatar Bizarre in the role play sim.

If there’s a demand, I will be making these for petites, as well.

Do you think this band sounds like Depeche Mode?


What the world needs now is a bunch of tiny Mariachis running around, inflicting their harmonic guitar music at you.  Do they have mini-guns in their guitar cases?  Only the Mariachi knows for sure. 

Avatar Bizarre has had a Mariachi outfit available for normal avatars for a while now, but then a Dia De Los Muertos festival threatened to happen, and Avatar Bizarre was invited to be a part of it.  Since one outfit is not enough for an occasion like this, the Petite mesh version had to happen.

Not to worry, girls.  There will be a female version of this, too!

Don’t forget to celebrate the Day of the Dead in this great little outfit.  You will be able to get it at the festival, as well as at my inworld store and on the marketplace.

As for the Day of the Dead festival, that starts around Halloween time.

Trick or Treat: Samhain Gacha Event


I’ve been invited to participate in a sim-wide Gacha event starting on October 15.  I will have an slurl for you good people as soon as I’ve got my gacha set up.

If you are unfamiliar with the Gacha, this is a prize machine, much like those old gumball machines at the drug store.  You put in a coin, and you get a random prize.  In this case, you put in 20L and you will get a fantastic item from Avatar Bizarre!  All items are transfer, so if you have duplicates, or you end up with something you don’t want, you can trade it or give it away.

My Gacha will be filled with Petites things, and a few odds and ends that can easily be shrunk down to Petite size.  Not only do I have several outfits for men and women petites, but there’s a brand new “Red Bruise” colored Nyarlathotep shoulder pet, which is only available in the Gacha for the duration of the event.

After the event, it will be 50L at my main store location.

Also in the Gacha:  Eyes, Brain Sucker, Bacon Avatar, Headlight Hat, a 50s outfit for male petites, an animated For the Love of Pete Top Hat, and more!

Don’t miss out on this fantastic event, and if you see a Gacha in a store, hit it for some great stuff!

Fit for a King


Folks who shop at Avatar Bizarre probably know that I will make kilts custom to order, if you have trouble finding your family tartan.  What you probably aren’t aware of is the other custom work I do.  Ordinarily, the items I make for you won’t be exclusive, but I will occasionally make an exception.

I was approached to make a Petite Mesh Avatar Swedish King outfit, complete with riding boots.  I was given a couple of very small reference pictures, but what I could see of the photos was an 18th Century style.  As I adore the men’s styles of the 18th Century, I made arrangements with the customer to make a suit exclusive only to him.

Not to worry, folks.  Since this suit turned out exceptionally well, I will be making more frock coat outfits for Petite men.  Just not in this exact style or color.

I’m thinking of something in Peacock colors for an upcoming hunt, with a matching gown for women.  If I have enough time I will also make the Peacock outfits for petites.  As the hunt starts in January, there’s a distinct possibility the Petites versions will be a reality.

Stay tuned!

Scarab of Darkness – Now with more flavor!


The Twisted Hunt is over, and we’re all picking up the shattered remnants of our sanity.  Our tears and pearl clutching have fed the resident Evil.  But most of all, the Scarab of Darkness suit for men (and heck, even women and child avatars) is now available in six vibrantly evil colors.[category_id]=&search[maturity_level]=GMA&search[keywords]=scarab

The suit comes with a pair of gold leather boots, a belt with a winged scarab buckle (to match the scarabs on the boots), cuffs, collar, and shirt and pants on all layers.

Available in Blue, Teal, Green, Red, Purple, and Black, this outfit will be made available to Petite Mesh male avatars within the next few days.  There is a lovely matching dress for normal avatars and Petite Mesh female avatars, which will also be available in the coming week.

Till March, and the next Twisted Hunt, enjoy this new outfit, and do try to collect your sanity.  I’m not sure where mine went.