Scarab of Darkness – Now with more flavor!


The Twisted Hunt is over, and we’re all picking up the shattered remnants of our sanity.  Our tears and pearl clutching have fed the resident Evil.  But most of all, the Scarab of Darkness suit for men (and heck, even women and child avatars) is now available in six vibrantly evil colors.[category_id]=&search[maturity_level]=GMA&search[keywords]=scarab

The suit comes with a pair of gold leather boots, a belt with a winged scarab buckle (to match the scarabs on the boots), cuffs, collar, and shirt and pants on all layers.

Available in Blue, Teal, Green, Red, Purple, and Black, this outfit will be made available to Petite Mesh male avatars within the next few days.  There is a lovely matching dress for normal avatars and Petite Mesh female avatars, which will also be available in the coming week.

Till March, and the next Twisted Hunt, enjoy this new outfit, and do try to collect your sanity.  I’m not sure where mine went.


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