Fit for a King


Folks who shop at Avatar Bizarre probably know that I will make kilts custom to order, if you have trouble finding your family tartan.  What you probably aren’t aware of is the other custom work I do.  Ordinarily, the items I make for you won’t be exclusive, but I will occasionally make an exception.

I was approached to make a Petite Mesh Avatar Swedish King outfit, complete with riding boots.  I was given a couple of very small reference pictures, but what I could see of the photos was an 18th Century style.  As I adore the men’s styles of the 18th Century, I made arrangements with the customer to make a suit exclusive only to him.

Not to worry, folks.  Since this suit turned out exceptionally well, I will be making more frock coat outfits for Petite men.  Just not in this exact style or color.

I’m thinking of something in Peacock colors for an upcoming hunt, with a matching gown for women.  If I have enough time I will also make the Peacock outfits for petites.  As the hunt starts in January, there’s a distinct possibility the Petites versions will be a reality.

Stay tuned!

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