Trick or Treat: Samhain Gacha Event


I’ve been invited to participate in a sim-wide Gacha event starting on October 15.  I will have an slurl for you good people as soon as I’ve got my gacha set up.

If you are unfamiliar with the Gacha, this is a prize machine, much like those old gumball machines at the drug store.  You put in a coin, and you get a random prize.  In this case, you put in 20L and you will get a fantastic item from Avatar Bizarre!  All items are transfer, so if you have duplicates, or you end up with something you don’t want, you can trade it or give it away.

My Gacha will be filled with Petites things, and a few odds and ends that can easily be shrunk down to Petite size.  Not only do I have several outfits for men and women petites, but there’s a brand new “Red Bruise” colored Nyarlathotep shoulder pet, which is only available in the Gacha for the duration of the event.

After the event, it will be 50L at my main store location.

Also in the Gacha:  Eyes, Brain Sucker, Bacon Avatar, Headlight Hat, a 50s outfit for male petites, an animated For the Love of Pete Top Hat, and more!

Don’t miss out on this fantastic event, and if you see a Gacha in a store, hit it for some great stuff!

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