New Brunswick Rides Again


New Brunswick’s Naval Commander has commissioned Ye Olde Avatarre Bizarre for some uniforms of varying ranks.  This one is the Midshipman; a lower rank, but an important cog in the military machine.

The 18th Century was a time when the military dressed smartly, and both sides ran at each other in a straight line.  The New Brunswick Royal Navy was no exception.  The frock coats were a dark blue with lots of brass buttons (or wooden buttons with brass flashing).  The ubiquitous tricorner hat sported a smart Cockade on the left side, and often the officer hats would include some detailed scalloped stitching along the edge in silver or gold.

This Midshipman will be available in the New Brunswick sim, as well as my main store and on the marketplace.  If you join the New Brunswick role play group, you will receive a discount on all uniforms from Avatar Bizarre in the role play sim.

If there’s a demand, I will be making these for petites, as well.


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