Madness Lies With the Yellow King


Saturday, October 20 from 6-10pm SLT, there is going to be a massive Halloween party in the Dunwich sim.  Yours truly (in the King in Yellow) will be DJing from 6-8pm.  I play a variety of esoteric 80s New Wave, Gothic, Post Punk, Dance, and other fun things.  Plus I do requests.

8-10pm DJ Gavin Mistwallow will be hitting the airwaves.

In addition to the costume contest, where you can win some cold, hard cash, there will be prize giveaways from the likes of Avatar Bizarre, Immateria, Howling Moon Creations, Perceptions, and more.  As if that weren’t enough, there will also be a mini-hunt in the graveyard all weekend long, where you can find all kinds of nifty prizes from almost a dozen sponsors!

Pictured:  The King in Yellow.
I created this for the Halloween party, and will be selling it afterwards.  The King in Yellow has a strong desire for World Domination, and he has the ability to possess the bodies of those unfortunate souls who have fallen under his power.  He is, quite possibly, an incarnation of Nyarlathotep, the Crawling Chaos.  Or possibly of Hastur.  He usually takes a gigantic humanoid form, dressed in tattered yellow robes.  Though he sometimes sports a pair of wings or a halo, I’ve given mine a set of demon horns, as befitting Pure Evil.

Originally found in a play said to cause madness in all who read it, he wears a pallid mask to conceal the horror that lies beneath.

Once again, The King in Yellow, worn by DJ Sredni Eel can be seen at the Village of Nyght Halloween party on Saturday, October 20 from 6-10pm. just click that link, then hit “party” on the teleporter when you get there.

See you there, and you will all go completely mad!

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