Gothmas by Gaslight – a Sneak Peak

“Julenisse Gown in Purple”

A whole slew of Winter holidays is fast approaching.  It gets pretty busy for most people, and those in Second Life are no exception.  There will be many, many holiday themed hunts, mostly centering around your typical red and green Santa or Candy Cane motif.  There’s nothing wrong with that, but what about the Virtual Goth?

Fear not, my minions.  Gothmas by Gaslight is an annual tradition in the Gothic Second Life world.  It originally started out as a grid-wide hunt, but has since evolved into a shopping tour.  Each store involved will be creating at least one brand new outfit, and quite a number will be providing Gothmas gacha prizes.

Avatar Bizarre is, once again, playing a part in this Gothic Extravaganza.  Although I will not have a Gacha (there simply isn’t enough time, what with Real Life rearing its ugly head at me with a vengeance and all), I will be releasing several new outfits.

The Julenisse is a range of “His n’ Hers” outfits that will also be available to Petite Mesh avatars.  The Julenisse, inspired by the Scandinavian Christmas Pixie, will be available in six colors:  Blue, Black, Purple, Red, Green, and Teal.  Of course, the picture shows the full sized avatar’s gown.  In coming days I will be completing the Petite version, and a full suit for the male avatar (and petite).

Then hopefully inspiration will strike long enough for me to come up with a Twisted Krissmus outfit, because you can never have too many Gothic sales events, or Twisted happenings in your life.

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