Gothmas by Gaslight, Part II – Julenisse for Men

“Julenisse Suit in Red”

Gothmas by Gaslight is fast approaching and, like all holidays, we want brand new stuff for ourselves and our loved ones.  I’ve already posted about the Julenisse gown, which was inspired by the Scandinavian Christmas Pixie.  I also promised to show the male outfit inspired by the same thing!  Like its female counterpart, it comes in Red, Blue, Teal, Purple, Green, and Black, and will be sold exclusively at the Gothmas by Gaslight event for the duration of the holidays.  It will be available on the Marketplace and in my store directly afterwards.

The suit comes with a pair of opposing shade boots, the coat, turtleneck, pants, and all of the other bits that make a suit a suit.  I hope to have the petite mesh avatar versions for men and for women done before the event.

Time to celebrate your inner Victorian Goth.  I will be posting an SLurl here a bit closer to the event.

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