Twisted Krissmuss is Swinging into an Avatar Bizarre near you!


Twisted Krissmuss is an annual shopping tour put on by the evil folks who give you two incarnations of the infamously difficult and gut-wrenchingly notorious Twisted Hunt.  Why?  Because when you don’t have a lot of money during the holidays, it can really, really suck.  Your mission, should you take it, is to take a look at all the nifty things each Twisted merchant has ON SALE for $100L.  No more, no less!  And the best part?  Every single-dingle item will be TRANSFER so you can put it in a gift box and send it to your best friend, lover, or whoever you think absolutely, positively has to have whatever it is you’re buying for them.

Avatar Bizarre is very happy to be a part of this magnificent event, and will be selling six colors of the 1930s Swing Suit for $L100 for the duration of Twisted Krissmuss.  Don’t let the picture fool you, because girls, you’ll look wonderful in this outfit, too!

ImageNever fear, droogs and devotchkas.  There will be a tour website showing all of the landmarks, and probably even some images of the items on sale.  You will be able to get the url and stuff off the kiosks from every store on the tour, including Avatar Bizarre.

So let’s stimulate the economy by blatant and irresponsible spending, and have a great holiday!

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