Gothmas by Gaslight – The Gothic Side of Christmas


Gothmas by Gaslight is upon us!

Technically, this is a gacha event, which runs from December 15 through January 15, but there are vendor boards available for those who like to just buy things outright.  I’ve already blogged about the Julenisse suit made for the normal sized avatar.  It’s made for guys, but with a little resizing here and there, it will look spectacular on a woman, as well.

In addition, there is a matching gown for the female avatar.  Unlike the suit, this doesn’t come with footwear because I figure most female avatars have eighty three billion pairs of shoes already.  It’s just the nature of the beast.

Here’s the really good news:  There’s Petite mesh avatar sized clothing in the mix, as well!  The only caveat is the suit only fits male petite avatars, and the gown only fits female petite avatars.

Be sure to hit the other stores in the event for some extra special dark and gothic (and possibly sticky) items.

Here’s the skinny from the organizers:


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