Delirium – Twisted Hunt March 1-31


Good news, everyone!  The next Twisted Hunt is almost upon us.  This hunt, running from March 1 through March 31, is the hardest and most rewarding hunt on the grid.  Yes, a lot of folks just want to do hunts for the free stuff, and that’s fine, but Twisted merchants take things a couple of steps beyond just a simple freebie hunt.

Many will set up mini-hunts, games, labyrinths, zombie fights, and all sorts of other games for the hunters.  Quite a lot of the merchants make not just one gift, but several for men and for women.  Quite a lot of them will make stuff for Petite Mesh Avatars as well!  In addition to all the fun extras and freebies you can pick up during this hunt, most of the merchants will also be supplied a Twisted Gacha for folks to get extra (transferable) goodies at a very low price.

If you aren’t familiar with the Gacha, think of it as a sort of drug store gumball machine with all sorts of fun prizes.  You pay it a small amount (usually somewhere between 1L and 50L, with 10L or 15L being most common), and you get a random prize.  Most Gacha items should be transferable, so you can trade or give away any items you get.

With that in mind, Avatar Bizarre is hard at work creating a variety of brand new Gacha items.  The eyes pictured above will be sold as separate pairs in the Gacha.  Available in five colors, each set includes normal and fullbright mesh eyes; normal, fullbright, and glow prim eyes, and a system eye White Sclera base.  They are modify so you can resize them if you need to.

The next sneak preview item to be available in the Gacha is the Micro Rar Mesh Shoulder Pet.  This little dragon will be available in several colors (each wearing something different, or nothing at all).  They will be a rare item, so you may need to try your luck several times to get the one you want.  More pictures to come as the hunt draws closer.


Avatar Bizarre traditionally includes up to two dozen brand new, Twisted, and mostly exclusive to the hunt items.  Delirium Twisted will be no different.

Do you think you have what it takes to be a Twisted Survivor?  Even if Twisted seems a bit out there for you, do pop by for a chance to grab a brand new Micro Rar!

The Djinn Genie Loves Chimney Stacks – Or Another Fine Mesh

AB Djinn (Partial Mesh)

This blog has been sadly neglected over the past couple of weeks as your faithful narrator struggled with Blender, trying to create something, failing, trying again, failing, trying yet again, and nearly getting it that time.  In other words, lots of cursing, tearing out of hair, rampaging with large sticks, and various threats of grievous bodily harm to all Blender coders everywhere later, and Avatar Bizarre now has a partial mesh outfit.

The Djinn is an updated version of an older outfit that utilized sculpties to various degrees of effect.  As this outfit is fairly popular, it only made sense to try to improve on it a little.  This is the result:

Mesh pants with sculpted cuffs that include little flexi strings for added flavor.  Amazingly, the pants actually fit men and women.  Ladies, not to worry about glitches in the male alpha layer.  There will be an alpha included for your lovely shapes, as well.

The shoes, long made from three sculpts, which I’ve never really been that happy with, have turned into non-rigged slippers.  The turban is a textured sculpt with flex feathers and a gem stone.  The snake arm band has been redesigned and re-colored to resemble Cloisonne’ – enamel-painted metal, which was called something else in the Middle East back when the Silk Road was a popular thoroughfare for traders in the East.

This outfit will be available in several colors by Saturday.  It will be clearly labeled as Partial Mesh, and you must have a mesh-enabled viewer to see it properly.  Avatar Bizarre will also have a demo out for those who wish to try before they buy.

The price on this bad boy will be the same as the original outfit (350L) but if you prefer to stick with non-mesh, the original will not be going anywhere.

A special thank you goes out to a number of my Plurk pals for coaching me through my tantrums, and a particular thank you goes out to Laverne from SL Universe, who wrote that stunningly awesome tutorial.

As the skills grow, so shall the mesh inventory.

A Queen Fit to Take Over Narnia


The Queen has arrived and she’s ready to take over Narnia.  The Queen Jadis, pictured above, is available in six vibrant colors:  Emerald, Red, Teal, Blue, Purple, and Yellow.  It is also available as a Petite Mesh Avatar outfit, as well as the “biggie” Normal sized avatar version.

Like the Prince Rillian costume I talked about earlier, the queen was inspired by a character in the C.S.Lewis book, The Silver Chair.  Jadis is the character who has attempted on no fewer than three occasions to take over and rule Narnia.  She was played deliciously by Tilde Swinton, and now you can play her just as deliciously in Second Life.

Now on the Marketplace and Inworld.

Save That Silver Chair For Me, Rillian


Second Life can be fraught with peril.  Okay, not really.  But sometimes things get made for a specific event that never happens, so then you’re left with an item you suddenly need to foist off on the world at large.

I blogged about this outfit in green a while ago, thinking I was going to be in a hunt with a Narnia theme.  As far as I know the hunt never happened.  Either that, or the hunt organizer didn’t accept my store, for whatever reason.  No worries, though, because I happen to really like the item Avatar Bizarre made for that hunt.  So here we have a nifty medieval style fantasy outfit, available in six colors.

You can catch a glimpse of all the colors on the marketplace.  Available inworld sometime this week!

First there was the Lizard King and now…SPIDER KING


It’s been a while since I’ve posted.  I blame real life.  It kicked my butt up one side and down the other, and well into next week.  So, after surmounting considerable odds, and using up the last of my wireless data, Avatar Bizarre is happy to bring you a sneak preview of a brand new Gothic outfit.

The Spider King is due at the mainland location, as well as the Second Life Marketplace, in a couple of days.  It will be available in six “oh so dark” colors, including the ubiquitous black for you ubergoths out there.  The rich velvet coat has an embossed spiderweb motif, very stylized cuffs and collar, and a pocket watch style spiderweb on a chain.  The black shirt includes a color-matched collar.  The pants offer a splash of color, and the whole ensemble is completed by a pair of very Gothic boots.

The really good news is once the almighty gods of the Internet smile upon this avatar’s typist, there will be a few more stunningly awesome outfits made available.  Stay tuned!