With a brand new Oz movie coming out, it was time to present some inspiration that hit the shores of Avatar Bizarre a while ago.    In thumbing through a massive inventory, a discovery was made.  That discovery involved a costume made some time ago in only one color!  As Avatar Bizarre is all about all the colors all of the time, and there was a bit of time between projects to do some fun stuff, four more Wheeler colors have materialized.

The Wheeler was a creature that made its appearance in one of the sequels to The Wizard of Oz.  They were a fierce race of people, who grew wheels in place of hands and feet.  If memory serves, they chased Cap’n Jim, Billina, and a little girl (the name escapes me).  The only other thing I can remember about these fearsome creatures are the wicked dreams the movie version gave me as a kid!

Available in Purple and Gold, Teal and Gold, Red and Gold, Green and Gold, and Blue and Gold, the Wheeler comes with a coat in long and short versions, the hand and foot wheels, a plumed top hat, a vinyl shirt, and a pair of shiny pants.

It’s time to torment the good guys, folks!  Visit the Oz sim inworld, and dress up as one of the lesser-known Oz villains.  Come on, you know you want to…

Available inworld and on the Marketplace.


Itsy Bitsy Spider – IN MY EYEBALLS!


A lot of people feel spiders are really creepy and scary.  While I appreciate those afflicted with Arachnophobia, there’s a certain part of me that revels in the utter alien look of our eight legged friends.

When coming up with ideas to fill up a gacha for the Spring 2013 Twisted Hunt, inspiration was really not flowing. The theme (Delirium) lends itself to some unusual psychoses, however, and certain phobias really work well here.  Plus I logged into Second Life just in time to see someone lamenting the lack of spider eyes in Second Life.

The odd thing about this is when I heard “Spider Eyes”, my first thought was, “How will I create a set of eight compound eyes for the avatar to wear?”  Silly me.  That’s not what the person meant at all!  She was talking about making the pupil of the avatar eye a spider.

That’s easy enough to create, so here they are — in five gloriously creepy colors.
When inspiration really hits, expect that set of eight compound eyes to hit the market very soon.  When you have a strong love for animal biology and all things creepy crawly, it’s bound to happen sooner or later.

In other news, I can hear some of you asking the $64 question.  What the heck is a gacha?  It’s best explained as a sort of drug store gumball machine that’s full of wonderful prizes.  You put in a bit of money, usually not more than 10L – 20L, and you get a random prize.  Generally, these prizes should be transferable so you can trade things with other people, or give them as gifts, particularly if you end up with multiple copies of the same thing.

One word of caution, though…some merchants do have gacha prizes that are not transfer.  It’s always best to read the fine print – or – in the case of Second Life, the gacha poster.

All prizes at Avatar Bizarre are transferable.  Once the gacha prizes are retired and put into the store as regular stock, they will be Modify/Copy, No Transfer.  The only exception to this rule are the shoulder pets, which are always transferable, even if they aren’t stuck in a gacha.

Hopefully this clears things up a bit for the gacha newbie.  Happy hunting!

Jamming Good With Weird and Gilly, and the Spiders from Mars

Ziggy shots courtesy of Sabina Pinion

Once upon a time, a couple of kids spotted a light in the sky.  They felt sure it was a spaceman, who came to save them, even though he was sure to blow their minds when he got there.  The spaceman did make that fateful trip, along with his band, the Spiders from Mars.  He became a huge rock star, but fame and his fans eventually destroyed him.

David Bowie gave us a great character and some amazing music.  In addition, he also gave us a great opportunity to recreate some of the fantastic costumes from his Glam period.

This outfit, a green, red, and white striped catsuit, was designed by Freddi Buretti, one of Bowie’s close friends.  It’s been lovingly recreated by Avatar Bizarre, and worn by the lovely Sabina Pinion for her upcoming tribute dance to David Bowie.  One of the most iconic suits Bowie has worn on stage as Ziggy, this outfit comes with the boots, cuffs, collar, and “third eye” forehead spot.  Sabina found a blank eyebrow, and some great red hair to complete this ensemble.

Originally a special order item, you can acquire the Ziggy Stardust Suit inworld and on the marketplace.

If you would like a special order item, please contact me inworld for a quote.

We want you, we want you, we want you as a new recruit


Are you ready to serve your King and Country in the Royal Navy?  If you are, you can join up and get your very own spiffy uniform!  Sure, you won’t be an Admiral right away, but how long could it take to achieve that kind of promotion, particularly in Second Life?

This uniform is part of a long line of 18th century Royal Navy uniforms available exclusively at Avatar Bizarre.  Meticulously crafted to be as authentic as possible, this uniform comes with everything you need to be an officer and a gentleman in His Majesty’s Royal Military.  Long live King George!  Or at least till the next guy comes along to rule the roost.

Available now at Avatar Bizarre and on the Marketplace.

Give them Bambi Eyes!


Someone asked me a couple of days ago if Avatar Bizarre has any Deer eyes for sale.  Rather than say, “No”, I said, “If you want Deer eyes, then I will make them!  Give me a couple of days.”

Thus encumbered with a bit of inspiration, the Deer eyes were created in nine stunningly liquid colors.  If you’ve ever given someone “Bambi” eyes to get your way on something, or to be insufferably cute, fear not.  It is now easier to give someone Bambi eyes!  Heck, you can literally give them Bambi eyes with Avatar Bizarre’s easy gifting options on the Marketplace, and inworld.

The good news is these spectacular eyes are available in nine colors:  Brown, Blue, Green, Magenta, Violet, Yellow, Red, Orange, and Verdigris.  The even better news is in each package you get 2 sets of mesh eyes (normal and fullbright), 3 sets of prim eyes (normal, fullbright, and glow), and a white sclera system eye base.  The best news yet?  These eyes are copy and modify, because Avatar Bizarre is mindful of the fact that people like to include avatar components in their “Saved Outfits” folders.  You can’t do that if things don’t copy.

If you are looking for weirdly fantastic eyes, look no further.  Avatar Bizarre has one of the biggest selections of strange and wonderful eyes in Second Life.