Give them Bambi Eyes!


Someone asked me a couple of days ago if Avatar Bizarre has any Deer eyes for sale.  Rather than say, “No”, I said, “If you want Deer eyes, then I will make them!  Give me a couple of days.”

Thus encumbered with a bit of inspiration, the Deer eyes were created in nine stunningly liquid colors.  If you’ve ever given someone “Bambi” eyes to get your way on something, or to be insufferably cute, fear not.  It is now easier to give someone Bambi eyes!  Heck, you can literally give them Bambi eyes with Avatar Bizarre’s easy gifting options on the Marketplace, and inworld.

The good news is these spectacular eyes are available in nine colors:  Brown, Blue, Green, Magenta, Violet, Yellow, Red, Orange, and Verdigris.  The even better news is in each package you get 2 sets of mesh eyes (normal and fullbright), 3 sets of prim eyes (normal, fullbright, and glow), and a white sclera system eye base.  The best news yet?  These eyes are copy and modify, because Avatar Bizarre is mindful of the fact that people like to include avatar components in their “Saved Outfits” folders.  You can’t do that if things don’t copy.

If you are looking for weirdly fantastic eyes, look no further.  Avatar Bizarre has one of the biggest selections of strange and wonderful eyes in Second Life.


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