Jamming Good With Weird and Gilly, and the Spiders from Mars

Ziggy shots courtesy of Sabina Pinion

Once upon a time, a couple of kids spotted a light in the sky.  They felt sure it was a spaceman, who came to save them, even though he was sure to blow their minds when he got there.  The spaceman did make that fateful trip, along with his band, the Spiders from Mars.  He became a huge rock star, but fame and his fans eventually destroyed him.

David Bowie gave us a great character and some amazing music.  In addition, he also gave us a great opportunity to recreate some of the fantastic costumes from his Glam period.

This outfit, a green, red, and white striped catsuit, was designed by Freddi Buretti, one of Bowie’s close friends.  It’s been lovingly recreated by Avatar Bizarre, and worn by the lovely Sabina Pinion for her upcoming tribute dance to David Bowie.  One of the most iconic suits Bowie has worn on stage as Ziggy, this outfit comes with the boots, cuffs, collar, and “third eye” forehead spot.  Sabina found a blank eyebrow, and some great red hair to complete this ensemble.

Originally a special order item, you can acquire the Ziggy Stardust Suit inworld and on the marketplace.

If you would like a special order item, please contact me inworld for a quote.

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