With a brand new Oz movie coming out, it was time to present some inspiration that hit the shores of Avatar Bizarre a while ago.    In thumbing through a massive inventory, a discovery was made.  That discovery involved a costume made some time ago in only one color!  As Avatar Bizarre is all about all the colors all of the time, and there was a bit of time between projects to do some fun stuff, four more Wheeler colors have materialized.

The Wheeler was a creature that made its appearance in one of the sequels to The Wizard of Oz.  They were a fierce race of people, who grew wheels in place of hands and feet.  If memory serves, they chased Cap’n Jim, Billina, and a little girl (the name escapes me).  The only other thing I can remember about these fearsome creatures are the wicked dreams the movie version gave me as a kid!

Available in Purple and Gold, Teal and Gold, Red and Gold, Green and Gold, and Blue and Gold, the Wheeler comes with a coat in long and short versions, the hand and foot wheels, a plumed top hat, a vinyl shirt, and a pair of shiny pants.

It’s time to torment the good guys, folks!  Visit the Oz sim inworld, and dress up as one of the lesser-known Oz villains.  Come on, you know you want to…

Available inworld and on the Marketplace.


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