This is what happens when black smoke billows from the Vatican…


With the advent of Pope Francis before the rise of Peter the Roman, who will be the Pope of the Endtimes, the Antipope has arisen to bestow great evil and destruction to your pastoral Easter holiday.  Avatar Bizarre is happy to present to you another costume in its small collection of religious vestments.  Like the Spanish Inquisition, nobody expects the Antipope!

This costume, which includes a pair of shiny black stompy boots, a mitre emblazoned with an inverted crucifix, and a cossack of blood red and smoky white, is perfect for those Angels and Demons club events, Man of the Cloth role play, or just scaring the devout during their Easter services.

Everything on this costume is Modify and Copy, and the boots also contain a removable resize script, just in case you want to make them smaller than Second Life would normally allow.

Available inworld and on the marketplace.

More on World Goth Day in Second Life


World Goth Day is a special day set aside each year for folks to “get their goth on”.  It’s one of those things dreamed up by a small cluster of folks and led by Cruel Britannia, who is a pretty amazing master of music.  You can catch him DJing for Nightbreed Radio, and in Second Life at a club called Gothika, which is owned and operated by a small, grumpy purple-haired woman named Axi Kurmin, his partner in crime and all that. 

CB and Shortstack have graciously donated their time and energy to setting up a World Goth Day fair in Second Life.  Experts in herding cats, they have rounded up a bunch of folks to donate various items to sell at this fair, as well as a number of DJs, who will be donating their tips to the cause.

If you are new to Second Life (and I hope if you’re reading this, you know a little something about it), many fantastic artists spend a lot of time and energy creating clothing, vehicles, poses, buildings, and other virtual goods, which folks can buy with virtual currency.

The beauty of this currency is it can be traded on PayPal for real American Dollars.  Because of this, Second Life is home to a lot of Charity work; everything from Relay for Life to the Sophie Lancaster Foundation.  In the case of World Goth Day, a special avatar has been created to collect any donations and sales proceeds, which can then be traded in for real money and then sent to the Sophie Lancaster Foundation.

This avatar sent in quite a lot of money last year, and we’re hoping to exceed that generous amount this year.

Avatar Bizarre is happy to announce that it will be taking part once again this year.  Not only will there be a number of brand new Gothic outfits for folks to wear around the Second Life grid, but we’re working on several different sets of mesh and prim eyes.  You can see a sneak preview of the Chiroptera eyes pictured at the top of this page.  Chiroptera eyes will be available in seven Gothic colors.  Resplendent in darkness, each eye has a reflection of a bat on the iris.


These eyes are spectacular, and will look great on both genders.  They are modifiable, so you can resize them if you want.  The mesh eyes are available as Fullbright and normal, and the Prim eyes are available as Fullbright, Glow, and Normal.  The system layer is a white sclera, which can be worn by itself for a nice blank stare.

The new Crystalline Prim and Mesh eyes will be posted a bit later.

For now, get your goth on.  The World Goth Fair in Second Life will be held on Cursed and Port Seraphine sims May 15-31 2013.

More to come.  Stay tuned!

World Goth Day Sneak Preview


World Goth Day is nigh.  This means lots of days of great music, and Oh So Dark fashion, all in the name of the Sophie Lancaster Foundation.

Avatar Bizarre is privileged to be a part of the fundraiser this year in Second Life, and will be releasing an exclusive new outfit to the cause in six different colors:  Wine, Violet, Pewter, Verdigris, Poison and Slate.

Each suit comes with a pair of certified Stompy Goth boots, a long coat with a shoulder cape, and an Edwardian style waistcoat, with jeweled buttons.

Directions  and event dates to be announced here soon.

We also hope to have a couple of surprises in store for World Goth Day, so stay tuned!

I’m ‘Enry the Eighth I Am!

The Tudor family produced two of England’s most famous monarchs: Henry VIII and Elizabeth I. Elizabeth had the Golden Age of England, and what did Henry have? The Vatican breathing down his neck, a bunch of wives, and a pair of hose.

In all seriousness, when Henry was King, it was mandatory for a man to wear a hat in public, nobles wore silken hose, and a sword at your hip was more than just a fashion statement.

The Tudor from Avatar Bizarre was inspired by The Tudors on Showtime. The costumes were spectacular, and this spawned something equally elaborate in Second Life. The Tudor comes in six colors and includes:

Rigged mesh sleeves (will fit just about anyone)
Plumed hat
Doublet collar
Ruffled sleeve cuffs
Doublet (on jacket layer)
Doublet bottom
Leather Breeches
Sword and belt
Shoulder Pads
Trunkhose (pumpkin pants)
Boot alpha

Everything, including clothing layers, is modify and copy. While you cannot resize the rigged mesh bits, they can be tinted, if that’s your thing.

And before one of you starts in…

“I’m ‘enry the Eighth I am, ‘enry the Eighth I am I am
I got married to the widow next door
She’s been married seven times before…
She always gets married to an ‘enry
Never to a Willy or a Sam
I’m an eighth old man, I’m ‘enry
I’m ‘enry the Eighth I am!”

Sadly, that’s all from memory.

Currently available only on the marketplace. This will be available inworld by Sunday.

What ho! Tis a Rogue Swashbuckler!


Stand and deliver, indeed!  Here comes the Swashbuckler, decked out in daggers and plumed hat to save the day.  Or is he?

This outfit has rigged mesh sleeves, which fit just about everyone!  They’ve been tested on male and female avatars, long and short arms, and they’ve passed the test with flying colors.  If you want to wear mesh, but don’t, because most full mesh outfits require you to change your shape, look no further.  This one is guaranteed to fit.  As the shirt and vest are system layers, you don’t have to worry about wearing an upper body alpha that may or may not cover all your bits.

Complete with the plumed hat, boots, boots alpha, leather pants, vest, shirt, sleeves, and collar, you will be sure to make the ladies swoon (or the gentlemen, if you prefer).  If any scalawag threatens your person, you are also provided with a set of daggers, worn on the legs.

Available in six colors, you can buy this on the marketplace and at Avatar Bizarre inworld.


Just for good measure, both daggers are not only copy/modify, but they contain a removable resizer script.  Please make a copy before attempting to modify, yadda yadda.