What ho! Tis a Rogue Swashbuckler!


Stand and deliver, indeed!  Here comes the Swashbuckler, decked out in daggers and plumed hat to save the day.  Or is he?

This outfit has rigged mesh sleeves, which fit just about everyone!  They’ve been tested on male and female avatars, long and short arms, and they’ve passed the test with flying colors.  If you want to wear mesh, but don’t, because most full mesh outfits require you to change your shape, look no further.  This one is guaranteed to fit.  As the shirt and vest are system layers, you don’t have to worry about wearing an upper body alpha that may or may not cover all your bits.

Complete with the plumed hat, boots, boots alpha, leather pants, vest, shirt, sleeves, and collar, you will be sure to make the ladies swoon (or the gentlemen, if you prefer).  If any scalawag threatens your person, you are also provided with a set of daggers, worn on the legs.

Available in six colors, you can buy this on the marketplace and at Avatar Bizarre inworld.


Just for good measure, both daggers are not only copy/modify, but they contain a removable resizer script.  Please make a copy before attempting to modify, yadda yadda.

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