Simon bar Sinister and the World of Goth Days


Sredni “Simon bar Sinister” Eel here.

The Twisted Hunt is completed, so it’s now possible to focus on more exciting events going on in the world of Second Life.  As Avatar Bizarre preps for the upcoming World Goth Fair, and I spend time wringing my hands and praying to Screaming Lord Byron that I have a chance to DJ one truly gothy goth set (most likely at The Village of Nyght), this blog will be filled with more sneak preview action and some new releases that just wouldn’t wait for the advent of the World Goth Fair.

The big thing lately is eyes.  There are so many different types of eyeballs being made available both for the Goth Fair and in general at the mainstore location, that a redesign of Avatar Bizarre’s physical presence may be required.

The Crystalline Eyes shown earlier in this blog are now going to include ten colors and two fatpacks (greens and blues).  The Chiroptera eyes may enjoy a few more colors before all is said and done.  However, there’s more!


The Blank Stare Eyes are mesh and prim (with a white sclera base) and will be available in about eight or ten colors.  The one shown above is called “Machine Glow”.  Blue is shown below.Image

Like Crystalline and Chiroptera, these eyes include two sets of mesh eyes, three sets of prim eyes, and the white sclera on the system eye layer.  Time permitting, there will be one more eye variety set out, possibly in the gacha for WGF, called “Haunted Mansion”.  So far, they’re looking pretty good, but your humble narrator is working on making them spectacular.

In other news, as Twisted came to a close, the Id Horror Suit will be released shortly in six colors:  Red, Black, Green, Teal, Blue, and Purple.  Pictures and details to follow once the spectre of “I don’t feel like working” has disappeared into the ether.

The best news of all, of course, is Avatar Bizarre’s World Goth Fair booth will be located on Cursed sim.  A landmark will be provided when one becomes available.

If you’d like to blog anything Avatar Bizarre has available for Goth fair, please IM Sredni Eel inworld.


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