World Goth Fair Invaded by Micro Rar, News at 11


Just when you thought it was safe to set foot outside, an invasion has started!  The Goffick Micro Rar will be heading to the World Goth Fair in Second Life in May.  His meshliness is highlighted by a necklace fragment he yanked off some poor, unsuspecting Gothic soul.  He really meant to eat the black-clad person, but thankfully, our erstwhile Joy Division fan managed a narrow escape.

The Micro Rar can be tamed, to a degree, provided you tithe regularly to his gnashing teeth, copious cupcakes.  While he does have an enormous sweet tooth, he also enjoys eating small children, and occasional ferrets.  He firmly believes there is no Sanctuary, except for whatever Ian Astbury was talking about in that Cult song.

The Goffick Micro Rar will be available at the Avatar Bizarre booth on Cursed when the World Goth Fair finally opens.  Till then, fear his unsightly horns, his gnashing teeth, and claws that catch.

Luckily, he will be transfer, just in case he eats you and your surviving kin must find him a new home.


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