A Little Bird TOOK MY EYES! More World Goth Fair Sneak Peak Goodness

Inspiration is like a cat:  It will never come when you call it, and when it wants your attention, it will claw viciously at your legs till you feed it.  God help you if you give that inspiration the wrong shaped kibble, because then it will glare at you menacingly till you wither and die, or you give up and head to the store for a new bag of food.

Inspiration has been kneading my bare chest as I sleep, purring like a tractor, and insisting that I work on eyes for the World Goth Fair, coming up in Second Life in May.  I only have 25 prims to play with in my booth, which means I can only put 24 items out, plus my store sign, so when I ended up making 4 different varieties of Eyeball in at least 12 colors each, well, you can do the math.

I will likely only put a handful of each color out at the fair with the promise of more colors to come.  Honest, I will.  That said, here is the fourth Eyeball style, soon to be available in, you guessed it, about twelve colors and probably a fat pack or two.

Corvus Corax
The Latin name for every Goth’s favorite carrier of the soul, the Raven.  There is an image of a raven in the clear iris of every eye.

Each package includes three sets of prim eyes and two sets of mesh eyes.  They are modify and copy for those who like to resize things as needed, and then stick them into different saved outfits.  There will be four or five colors available at the fair.







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