We’re In-Vested in You


Inspiration is a constant nag these days.  Depending on how you feel, and how busy you are, this can be a definite mixed blessing.  However, I’m not going to complain too hard, because Inspiration clawing at my arm often leads to a bunch of new projects for Avatar Bizarre.

The mesh bug bit, and this is another result of that Vertices Virus.

Enter the Men’s Brocade Mesh Vest and Shirt.  Although these are separate layers that can be worn separately, they’re designed to be worn together.  The Brocade Vest and Shirt comes in nine vibrant colors.


Don’t let other people fool you.  Guys in Second Life do like a bit of color, in spite of the preponderance of black and red clothing out there.  The beauty of mesh is the fluid movement as your avatar moves around.  The main issue with mesh clothing, is the lack of a deformer so mesh clothing items can be modified when you edit the size and shape of your avatar.

To get around this, the vest and shirt package includes five “standard” male sizes, plus an alpha layer, and an extra underpant layer, for added coverage, if needed.  It is advisable to buy the free demo and see how things fit before you buy the actual item.

My own avatar likes the medium shirt and the large vest.


Photos taken at the Rust sim.

Inworld store


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