Hoodwinked, Sir Robin!


I was approached by Uffda (pictured above) to create a Robin Hood style hat a bit ago.  Since I hate doing things half-assed, we discussed things a bit further and the project turned into a full outfit for Uffda’s Donkey avatar.

It was doubly important to outdo the existing hat in Uffda’s collection because, frankly, the old hat he wore looked like a Freebie Dungeon Noob kind of thing.  We couldn’t have that.  Not when Sir Donkeybutt gargoyles at the local Goth club, and occasionally enthrones himself in my store.

This was a fun project, because I was able to torture my sculpt program into making a bow and arrows, and a quiver, in addition to a fancy hat with a plume.  This outfit is available in five forest-friendly colors … Okay, except for the eye-achingly bright red version that got made because so many guys in Second Life seem to go nuts over red things.  Since my thing is dragons, a heraldic dragon was a moral imperative for the leather stitched quiver. 

So, if you have a hankering to rob from the rich and give to the poor, and hang out with a bunch of merry men in a forest, hie thee to yon Marketplace, or to ye olde Avatar Bizarre shoppe, and get yourself outfitted in a color of your choice.


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