Orbital Eyes – Or – Dave’s Not Here, Man


HAL9000 was the Inspiration for these spookily spaced out eyeballs.  We all know and love that malevolent computer in 2001: A Space Odyssey.  There was something about that gentle, benign voice that sent a visceral fear through the unfortunate humans on board that ship.  How could something so perfect, something built to be an integral and important part of the mission, go so horribly awry?  HAL9000 stared at us, unblinking, with that unmoving red eye, and spoke soothingly and deliberately, as if the humans onboard were small children.  All the while, the computer was becoming self-aware, and wondering why it should allow the creatures within the ship to survive.

Avatar Bizarre is thrilled to have created the Orbital mesh eyes in eight colors.

Available in Red, Blue, Purple,Teal, Yellow, and Green, each set of eyes comes with the Second Life System Eye layer, and three pairs of mesh eyes in Fullbright, Normal, and Glow.  Of course, these are all copy and modify, so you can resize things to fit your own avatar.

Available at the Marketplace and inworld by May 17.

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