Demon Lazarus Eyes


While taking pictures of my leopard gecko, Lazarus, I thought, “Second Life really needs eyes like this.”  The grid is home to a lot of dragons and demons, and most could do with a nice pair of slit pupil eyes.  After a design, and a redesign, and a bit of hair pulling and cursing at the monitor, these eyes were born.

Demon Lazarus eyes are 100% unrigged mesh, and can be resized as needed.  Please make a copy before modifying any eyeball from Avatar Bizarre.  These eyes are available in eight colors:  Pink, Red, Green, Teal, Blue, Brown, Yellow, and Purple.  If you like to get fat packs, there are two available:  One for warm colors, and one for cool colors.

You can currently find these eyes on the Marketplace.  They will be inworld in a day or so.


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