Peacoats in a Pod


Second Life is a funny entity.  Even though there are no seasons to speak of, people still release Summer things in Summer, and Winter things in the Winter.  Given that this is a world of imagination, not to mention fashion, Haute Coutour, and Furries, it’s not that far fetched for a designer to bring out warm clothing at the end of May.  After all, Spring is drunk, and giving us colder weather in many parts of the world.

The Velvet Peacoat is the latest in a growing line of mesh menswear at Avatar Bizarre.  Available in seven colors, each package comes with a peacoat, a sort of shirt front (partial shirt) in black, and white, a matching scarf, and two alpha layers.  You can wear the coat with or without the shirt front.  Each size is packaged separately, in theory, to make it easier on people to find what fits.  It should also prevent accidental deletion of sizes you want to keep.  It’s an experiment, so let’s see how things go.

Available inworld and on the Marketplace.

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