I’m a Poet and Didn’t Know It!


There once was a man from Tortuga
Who rode on the back of a beluga
He couldn’t stay long
As he sang his song
And sounded notes on his rusty tuba

Okay, so I’m not much of a poet, but I can show you a fantastic new suit from Avatar Bizarre. 

The Poet Hawthorne is a classic casual ensemble from the 18th Century, and would wear well for Pirates, Poets, possibly some small urchins on the streets of Tortuga, and any other Regency era prole.  After all, not everyone is Royalty.  Heck, who wants to dress up all the time anyway?

The Poet Hawthorne is 100% original mesh (apart from the system layer stockings), and comes in several colors.  The white shirt is covered by an unbuttoned waistcoat, and the pants are loose at the knees.  The whole outfit is finished off with a pair of white stockings and a pair of unrigged mesh shoes, which can be resized as needed.

Available inworld and on the Marketplace.

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