The Adventures of Flat Rodvik

There’s a meme going around involving Rodvik Linden or, specifically, the rather handsomely clad flat Rodvik from Strawberry Singh.  I’m not usually one to succumb to memes, but heck, he makes for a fun bit of decor in my shop now.

Meme Instructions: Pick up a Flat Rodvik Linden from my marketplace store for free. (Or make your own using my image or your own image of Rodvik.) Wear or rez him as you travel the grid. Take him to places you think he might not have seen yet and show him a good time. Don’t forget to leave a link to your post or images in the comments of this post so we can all come by and see where you took him


When last we met, Rodvik was soaring high over Avatar Bizarre in a Fokker Triplane, circa 1917.  I’m not sure what kind of protection that toga would be in the middle of a vicious dogfight between Rodvik, and Werner Voss, but you can be rest assured that ol’ Flyboy Flat Rod will come out on top.  Just look at that smug grin!


Good news!  After he won the British Victory Cross for being such a stud in his fantastic flying machine, I sent him a lovely new MESH toga as a reward of service to the Crown and to the world in the fight against the Hun…  Oh wait.  Isn’t that a German plane Rod’s flying?  Waidaminnut, you can’t switch sides like that!  YOU VARMINT, we’ll get you for this!

Oh…wait.  Maybe he’s infiltrating the enemy from within.  That’ll learn ’em.  You go, Rod.

After his flight and subsequent crash, we headed off to have a celebratory drink and conflab with the hungry fungi.  Just a couple of dudes chilling to some Ultravox.


What he’s wearing:
God only knows, but it looks a little flat, don’t you think?

What I’m wearing:
Reginald Gothic Waistcoat Purple
Gothic Penance Pants in Black
Johann Shoes (all Avatar Bizarre)
Wasabi Pills Erik Hair (Storm)
*Birth* Li Light Skin
Shape and eyes by me.
Hungry Fungi – Twisted Hunt Gift Malkavean Visions
Location: Deep within the bowels of Avatar Bizarre

A Clockwork Spiral – and the Madder Hatter Preview

A Clockwork Spiral
A Dark and Steamy Event to benefit the National Kidney Foundation
September 18 – 22 on the Cursed Sim.

You can get all the information you need on the official blog.

Avatar Bizarre is thrilled to be involved in this incredible fund raising event.  We will have a booth with a few exciting new items, including the Madder Hatter, and the Gothic Reginald Waistcoat for men.  All mesh items (attachments and otherwise) are original, and straight out of the slightly warped mind of Sredni Eel.  Most of the items offered are  completely brand new, so keep an eye out!

The first thing I’d like to tickle your eye bones with is the Madder Hatter. 


The Madder Hatter, which will be available in seven colors, was inspired by the darker side of Alice in Wonderland.  Darkly Victorian with a Tim Burtonesque twist, this outfit includes everything but the dude wearing it.  It would be advisable to keep an eye on that hat, because evidence shows it’s plotting something nefarious.


This delightfully demented ensemble can be worn by both genders, thanks to some artfully textured system layers.  The coat, waistcoat, socks, and pants are all made up of heavily textured system layers, while the rest is made up of original mesh attachments.  The cravat, however, is a mix of flexi prims and mesh, because cravats of this nature should flow with the breeze of passing tea times.

Be sure to find the Avatar Bizarre booth at A Clockwork Spiral.  You don’t want to miss out on this fantastic new Alice in Wonderland treat.

Hair:  Wasabi Pills Zach Black Royal
Eyes: Avatar Bizarre Mesh Plasma Eyes Blue (not yet available)
Skin: *Birth* Li LIght tone
Shape: Sredni Eel exclusive
Location:  LEA – Mechanical Circus (limited time)

“See here, waiter, I’ve found a button in my salad.” “That’s all right, sir, it’s part of the dressing.”


A man’s life in the Victorian era is fraught with top hats and waistcoats.  One is meant to make you look taller and more stately, and the other is a vessel for holding your pocket watch.  If you were a part of high society, or even low society, you were expected to be as well dressed as your station allowed, and this meant really uncomfortably starched collars, neck-warming cravats, and a single — or double breasted waistcoat.

Don’t get too excited.  Double breasted never means you get a couple of free jigglies to play with.  It just means you have a double row of buttons down the front of your vest.  It really is an unjust moniker, if you ask me.

Avatar Bizarre is happy to announce the arrival of its latest hand-stitched mesh waistcoats for men.  The “Reginald” is available in nine colors, each waistcoat is packed with five “standard” rigged waistcoat sizes, an alpha layer, a system shirt layer, and an unrigged mesh collar with sculpted and flexi cravat.

Not to be outdone by itself, there is a set of rigged mesh sleeves, meant to fit just about anyone.  But please head into the fitting room, where ever that may be, and try on the demo.  There’s nothing worse than a man in an ill fitting suit!

You can find this bit of finely crafted and tailored goodness on the Marketplace, and Inworld.

Toccata and Fugue in SL Minor – The Johann Outfit


I was watching a biopic based on the life of Johann Sebastian Bach, and felt inspired to make something for the mesh afficionados, while still catering to folks who are leery of making that leap.  By now, folks may have noticed my intense interest in 17th and 18th Century male fashions.  I’ve made a number of outfits based on the Regency era for Aristocracy, as well as the common people.

One of the reasons I wanted to learn how to make mesh clothing is the rather severe lack of menswear, particularly historic and Gothic menswear in mesh.  This particular outfit is partial mesh; only the frock coat is rigged.  The rest of it is system layer clothing with various unrigged bits and pieces.  I like the idea of people having the power to modify their clothing, and unrigged mesh is perfect for this!

The Johann is available in Red, Purple, Teal, Black, Blue and Green.  The coat comes in one size only, but slider experiments suggest that it should fit most male avatars, provided they don’t have breasts, or large butts.  The outfit comes with two different coat alphas – one for smaller avatars, and one for avatars with bigger, uh…attributes.  Even with the possibility that this coat will fit pretty much any male avatar, please try the demo first.


The rest of the outfit can stand on its own without the coat.  It includes system layer pants, shirt, and waistcoat, mesh attachments for pant legs and sleeves, a mesh hat, unrigged shoes, and a flexi/sculpted cravat.


This outfit would work great for classic Anne Rice style vampires, 18th century role players, pirates, and other fun costumed events.



Jean Genie, Let Yourself Go!


When coming up with inspiration, sometimes one needs only look as far as what you’ve already created. 

Once upon a time, there was a Second Life sim called Cala Mondrago, a desert land full of mysterious Djinn, beautiful Belly Dancers, and camels.  Lots of camels.  This oasis of delight has since morphed into Mondrago Mari’Kesh, and is one of many wonderful and magical desert spots found inworld.

But I digress.  When Cala Mondrago was in its infancy, I was approached to provide some male outfits; clothing that would be unique and suitable for the men of the land.  Inspired, and given free rein, one of the outfits I created was the Djinn.  It was a pretty simple ensemble; simply pants, shoes, vest, and turban.  Simple as it was, it ended up being one of my best selling pieces. 

Naturally, when I learned how to work in Blender (and I’m by no means an expert…), one of the things I wanted to do was remake the Djinn the way I had originally envisioned it.

The Jean Genie is a rework of the original Djinn, and includes an updated snake arm band, a sculpted turban (some things never change!), resizeable mesh curly-toed slippers, and fully rigged vest and pants. 

The spot in the picture is from the Sands of Time sim, using the sim’s native windlight setting. 

This outfit is available in White, Black, Teal, Blue, Purple, Green, and Red.  Though you cannot resize rigged mesh, everything in the ensemble is modify and copy, more out of habit than anything else.  There’s a demo for the pants and vest, so please try those before you buy.

Available Inworld and on the Marketplace.


Toga! Toga! Toga!


It’s time for a Toga Party in Second Life!  Of course the differences between real life Toga parties, and those in Second Life are vast and varied.  First of all, it’s a lot harder to get an avatar drunk so your own avatar can get laid in an empty room upstairs at Delta House.  Second, in Second Life, a toga can mean you really are Caligula in digital form.

One of the reasons I wanted to get into making mesh stuff in Blender, at the expense of my sanity and my hair, is because there is not enough historic and fantasy clothing out there, particularly for men.  Once I “got it”, I’ve had no shortage of ideas to expand upon. 

Mesh is certainly not a perfect solution, and quite a number of folks can’t wear it because it simply does not fit, but it’s nice to have the option of a little mesh in the store inventory.  That said, the latest addition to the Avatar Bizarre line is the Augustus Toga!

This one was made in five “standard” sizes, and six colors, for a wide array of suitable toga options for the discerning role player and/or frat boy.  Each package includes all five sizes, a pair of rigged sandals (you may need to adjust your legs if they’re gargantuan), an unrigged and modifiable laurel crown, a flexi prim shoulder cloak with mesh clasp, and two alphas.  The alphas included will allow you to wear the toga barefoot, or with sandals.  Your choice.

This wonderful selection is available inworld and on the marketplace.  Please try the free (transferable) demo before you buy.