Jean Genie, Let Yourself Go!


When coming up with inspiration, sometimes one needs only look as far as what you’ve already created. 

Once upon a time, there was a Second Life sim called Cala Mondrago, a desert land full of mysterious Djinn, beautiful Belly Dancers, and camels.  Lots of camels.  This oasis of delight has since morphed into Mondrago Mari’Kesh, and is one of many wonderful and magical desert spots found inworld.

But I digress.  When Cala Mondrago was in its infancy, I was approached to provide some male outfits; clothing that would be unique and suitable for the men of the land.  Inspired, and given free rein, one of the outfits I created was the Djinn.  It was a pretty simple ensemble; simply pants, shoes, vest, and turban.  Simple as it was, it ended up being one of my best selling pieces. 

Naturally, when I learned how to work in Blender (and I’m by no means an expert…), one of the things I wanted to do was remake the Djinn the way I had originally envisioned it.

The Jean Genie is a rework of the original Djinn, and includes an updated snake arm band, a sculpted turban (some things never change!), resizeable mesh curly-toed slippers, and fully rigged vest and pants. 

The spot in the picture is from the Sands of Time sim, using the sim’s native windlight setting. 

This outfit is available in White, Black, Teal, Blue, Purple, Green, and Red.  Though you cannot resize rigged mesh, everything in the ensemble is modify and copy, more out of habit than anything else.  There’s a demo for the pants and vest, so please try those before you buy.

Available Inworld and on the Marketplace.



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