Toccata and Fugue in SL Minor – The Johann Outfit


I was watching a biopic based on the life of Johann Sebastian Bach, and felt inspired to make something for the mesh afficionados, while still catering to folks who are leery of making that leap.  By now, folks may have noticed my intense interest in 17th and 18th Century male fashions.  I’ve made a number of outfits based on the Regency era for Aristocracy, as well as the common people.

One of the reasons I wanted to learn how to make mesh clothing is the rather severe lack of menswear, particularly historic and Gothic menswear in mesh.  This particular outfit is partial mesh; only the frock coat is rigged.  The rest of it is system layer clothing with various unrigged bits and pieces.  I like the idea of people having the power to modify their clothing, and unrigged mesh is perfect for this!

The Johann is available in Red, Purple, Teal, Black, Blue and Green.  The coat comes in one size only, but slider experiments suggest that it should fit most male avatars, provided they don’t have breasts, or large butts.  The outfit comes with two different coat alphas – one for smaller avatars, and one for avatars with bigger, uh…attributes.  Even with the possibility that this coat will fit pretty much any male avatar, please try the demo first.


The rest of the outfit can stand on its own without the coat.  It includes system layer pants, shirt, and waistcoat, mesh attachments for pant legs and sleeves, a mesh hat, unrigged shoes, and a flexi/sculpted cravat.


This outfit would work great for classic Anne Rice style vampires, 18th century role players, pirates, and other fun costumed events.




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