“See here, waiter, I’ve found a button in my salad.” “That’s all right, sir, it’s part of the dressing.”


A man’s life in the Victorian era is fraught with top hats and waistcoats.  One is meant to make you look taller and more stately, and the other is a vessel for holding your pocket watch.  If you were a part of high society, or even low society, you were expected to be as well dressed as your station allowed, and this meant really uncomfortably starched collars, neck-warming cravats, and a single — or double breasted waistcoat.

Don’t get too excited.  Double breasted never means you get a couple of free jigglies to play with.  It just means you have a double row of buttons down the front of your vest.  It really is an unjust moniker, if you ask me.

Avatar Bizarre is happy to announce the arrival of its latest hand-stitched mesh waistcoats for men.  The “Reginald” is available in nine colors, each waistcoat is packed with five “standard” rigged waistcoat sizes, an alpha layer, a system shirt layer, and an unrigged mesh collar with sculpted and flexi cravat.

Not to be outdone by itself, there is a set of rigged mesh sleeves, meant to fit just about anyone.  But please head into the fitting room, where ever that may be, and try on the demo.  There’s nothing worse than a man in an ill fitting suit!

You can find this bit of finely crafted and tailored goodness on the Marketplace, and Inworld.

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