A Clockwork Spiral – and the Madder Hatter Preview

A Clockwork Spiral
A Dark and Steamy Event to benefit the National Kidney Foundation
September 18 – 22 on the Cursed Sim.

You can get all the information you need on the official blog.

Avatar Bizarre is thrilled to be involved in this incredible fund raising event.  We will have a booth with a few exciting new items, including the Madder Hatter, and the Gothic Reginald Waistcoat for men.  All mesh items (attachments and otherwise) are original, and straight out of the slightly warped mind of Sredni Eel.  Most of the items offered are  completely brand new, so keep an eye out!

The first thing I’d like to tickle your eye bones with is the Madder Hatter. 


The Madder Hatter, which will be available in seven colors, was inspired by the darker side of Alice in Wonderland.  Darkly Victorian with a Tim Burtonesque twist, this outfit includes everything but the dude wearing it.  It would be advisable to keep an eye on that hat, because evidence shows it’s plotting something nefarious.


This delightfully demented ensemble can be worn by both genders, thanks to some artfully textured system layers.  The coat, waistcoat, socks, and pants are all made up of heavily textured system layers, while the rest is made up of original mesh attachments.  The cravat, however, is a mix of flexi prims and mesh, because cravats of this nature should flow with the breeze of passing tea times.

Be sure to find the Avatar Bizarre booth at A Clockwork Spiral.  You don’t want to miss out on this fantastic new Alice in Wonderland treat.

Hair:  Wasabi Pills Zach Black Royal
Eyes: Avatar Bizarre Mesh Plasma Eyes Blue (not yet available)
Skin: *Birth* Li LIght tone
Shape: Sredni Eel exclusive
Location:  LEA – Mechanical Circus (limited time)


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