Oh, the HORROR! Shoulder Cthulhu, Bookended by Black and White

AB Mesh Shoulder Cthulhu Atrocious Albino

If you’ve never been owned by something that was summoned from the PITS OF DOOM, you simply haven’t lived.  Painfully extruded from the quagmire of meshy quicksand, the New, Improved, and Meshy Cthulhu shoulder pet has arrived at Avatar Bizarre.

Spawned from the primordial pits of DOOM, this meshy shoulder pet has been cloned from the most iniquitous and foul remnants of evil ever to be unearthed.

Many explorers and adventurers died horrible, slow, and painful deaths to secure the dark substance from whence these creatures sprang forth.

As with all creeping horrors and Elder Gods, purchase at your own peril, for you will be subjected to night terrors, dire hallucinations, and general disarray of the worst sort.

This, your very own Cthulhoid, has been summoned from the pits of Blender and extruded from only the most malicious mesh. Polygons were tortured, and normals were destroyed. Feeble will your tenuous grasp on sanity be.

You have been warned.

The nitty gritty:
These are not copy. Why would you? They would only self replicate and raise horrible armies with which to destroy the world.

They are modify. Good luck containing the perniciousness of these creatures.

They are transfer. After all, once you’ve been left a dried up soulless and pitiful husk, these creatures must find others on which to feed. Heaven forfend you actually want to gift this to someone. There may be laws against such an act.

Species: There are several, including various leopard spotted, zebra striped, and a wicked strain of albinism that makes Rasputin seem like a normal and sane guy.

LI: Approximately 12-15 LI, depending on how big they are. Turn into a tip jar at your own peril.

Made to be worn on the shoulder, or any extraneous body parts you don’t wish to keep.

Can be used as a door stop.

May eat the neighbor kids.


Dare you to get one.  Marketplace and Inworld.

AB Mesh Shoulder Cthulhu Ebil Black

It’s Full of Stars – The Spangled Mage


Gandalf may have been a great White Wizard, but he probably could have defeated Saruman a whole lot sooner if he’d dressed in the Spangled Mage outfit from Avatar Bizarre.  The sparkly spangles could have dazzled the heck out of that old White Wizard’s ailing eyeballs, and probably even caused the eye of Sauron to water a bit from the light glinting off all the shiny bits.  Armies of Orcs (and whatever other creepy crawlies from the pits of Mordor happened along) would have stalled in their tracks, long enough for Gandalf to pummel the heck out of them with one well-aimed blast of light from that staff of his.


Available in six colors, the robe and the cravat are liberally festooned in silver stars.  Spangles, in fact.   What can I say but, “My god, it’s full of stars!”

All non-flex attachments are original mesh, and the boots are rigged.  It’s available in the store just in time for Halloween, which really should be celebrated year round.  Don’t let evil magicians get the jump on you.  Get your very own patented Spangled Mage outfit today!

Includes from top to bottom:
Wizard hat
Shirt collar with cravat
Robe collar
Robe collar with cape
Robe on jacket layer
Vest on shirt layer
Shirt on undershirt layer
Robe sleeves
Pants on underpant layer
Rigged boots
Boot alpha

Everything is copy and modify for your tactile pleasure

Available inworld and on the marketplace.

Killer Klown…pants – Another Twisted Exclusive


I have an intense fear of clowns.  No, really, I do.  Supposedly the best way to conquer an irrational fear is to confront it.  As the Twisted Hunt theme this time is Carnival, it made sense to make something clownish.  Although, if you really use your imagination, clown pants can simply be Harpo Marx pants.  And that’s okay,

The Clown Pants are available in ten colors, and will be Modify/Transfer, because they are a part of the Gacha ensemble of goodies coming out on September 1.  They are rigged mesh, and should be One Size Fits Most.  They are extra big in all aspects, and should fit female avatars as well as male avatars.  There’s an alpha included to cover up some inner leg issues, and the suspenders actually stand out from the chest quite a way, so should accommodate breasts and overly large male chests.

These pants work extraordinarily well with a nice tux style shirt and white gloves, as you can see.  The hat worn in the picture is not included.  It’s actually from the Gothic Harker Tux (purple), which will be available at Horrorfest for the first time.

I suppose I’d better let you know what’s included in your Clown Pants package, just in case it isn’t totally clear yet.  You get ONE mesh clown pant with suspenders, and one Clown Pant alpha.  The gacha prizes will cost 15L per play, and there will not only be 10 colors, but also 8 pairs of eyes, and 6 Cat Masks (2 aren’t shown on the image below), all made from mesh.

If I get a bit of time and inspiration, there may be more items in the gacha, but for now, the above items are the only currently planned.

AB Twisted Carnival Gacha

Of Carnies and Elder Gods – Twisted Hunt Exclusive


One of Second Life’s most difficult hunts is lurking just around the corner.  The Bi-Annual Twisted Hunt (September 1-30 and March 1-31) is set to begin, and this time the theme is Carnival.  Vintage Carnival, to be exact.  With 150 stores participating, you can expect a wide range of amazing gifts and treats.

If you haven’t done the hunt before, it really is hard, but the extra fun more than makes up for hours of frustration.  Apart from some pretty stellar gifts from Second Life’s finest crop of stores, many merchants put out gachas, and create side games and hunts within their own stores.  Quite a lot of stores will have more than one gift, and often, merchants make some fun extra gifts to put into decoy boxes.

You can learn more about Twisted Hunt at the official blog.

Avatar Bizarre has been a part of this hunt for quite a long time, and traditionally we put out a gacha, plus an exclusive Cthulhu shoulder pet.  We tried not putting the pet out last time, but it didn’t work.  We thought people were tired of seeing them, but it turns out our exclusive Twisted Elder Gods are expected.  This time, we’ve revamped Cthulhu as a mesh critter, so he’s NEW and IMPROVED and all MESHY!

As always, Cthulhu is Transfer only, costs a mere 50L, and is available in the main store for the duration of the hunt.  Once the hunt ends, this particular edition is no longer available, unless you beg Sredni Eel really, really hard for one.

At a mere 12 – 15 LI (if you beg even harder and return your Cthulhu to Sred for a modify version) you can resize him and put him out as a decoration in your home!  He will look properly menacing, and scare away even the hardiest of intruders. 

Cthulhu is available NOW.  Look for him at the landing point.  You can click his sign or the creature for your very own Shoulder Cthulhu!  Avatar Bizarre teleport.


I Was Afraid to Raise My Eyelids… The Harker Tux


“…Lower and lower went her head as the lips went below the range of my mouth and chin and seemed to fasten on my throat. I could feel the soft, shivering touch of the lips on the supersensitive skin of my throat, and the hard dents of two sharp teeth, just touching and pausing there. I closed my eyes in a languorous ecstacy and waited – waited with beating heart.” – Jonathan Harker, Dracula (Bram Stoker)

Avatar Bizarre is thrilled to present a sneak preview of the Harker Tux, inspired by the protagonist of Bram Stoker’s Dracula.  Mr. Harker (esq.) traveled to the Carpathian Mountains to make a real estate deal with the master of Castle Dracula, only to be seduced by the Count’s vampire brides.  I’m sure you all know the story, so I won’t bore you with a detailed plot summary.

Suffice to say that the events unfolded at the turn of the last century, and terrified a lot of people into making a bunch of movies, plays, and TV shows about it.  Everyone knows about Dracula.  Few really knew or cared about Jonathan Harker.  Till now.  The man had fashion sense, as all well-to-do young solicitors did back then.

The Harker Tux is partial mesh, and will be available in six colors – debuting at Horrorfest.  All mesh items in this outfit are original.

This tux includes:
Top Hat
System Shirt
System pants
System gloves
Rigged Tuxedo Coat
Sleeve cuffs
Pant cuffs
Shoe alpha
Coat alpha

The coat should fit most male shapes, with the alpha.  Some belly and posterior tweaking may be needed, but it’s minimal.  Please try the demo before you buy.

And remember to wear your garlic if you don’t want a bevy of Vampire Goddesses snacking on you in the middle of the night.