Of Carnies and Elder Gods – Twisted Hunt Exclusive


One of Second Life’s most difficult hunts is lurking just around the corner.  The Bi-Annual Twisted Hunt (September 1-30 and March 1-31) is set to begin, and this time the theme is Carnival.  Vintage Carnival, to be exact.  With 150 stores participating, you can expect a wide range of amazing gifts and treats.

If you haven’t done the hunt before, it really is hard, but the extra fun more than makes up for hours of frustration.  Apart from some pretty stellar gifts from Second Life’s finest crop of stores, many merchants put out gachas, and create side games and hunts within their own stores.  Quite a lot of stores will have more than one gift, and often, merchants make some fun extra gifts to put into decoy boxes.

You can learn more about Twisted Hunt at the official blog.

Avatar Bizarre has been a part of this hunt for quite a long time, and traditionally we put out a gacha, plus an exclusive Cthulhu shoulder pet.  We tried not putting the pet out last time, but it didn’t work.  We thought people were tired of seeing them, but it turns out our exclusive Twisted Elder Gods are expected.  This time, we’ve revamped Cthulhu as a mesh critter, so he’s NEW and IMPROVED and all MESHY!

As always, Cthulhu is Transfer only, costs a mere 50L, and is available in the main store for the duration of the hunt.  Once the hunt ends, this particular edition is no longer available, unless you beg Sredni Eel really, really hard for one.

At a mere 12 – 15 LI (if you beg even harder and return your Cthulhu to Sred for a modify version) you can resize him and put him out as a decoration in your home!  He will look properly menacing, and scare away even the hardiest of intruders. 

Cthulhu is available NOW.  Look for him at the landing point.  You can click his sign or the creature for your very own Shoulder Cthulhu!  Avatar Bizarre teleport.


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