Killer Klown…pants – Another Twisted Exclusive


I have an intense fear of clowns.  No, really, I do.  Supposedly the best way to conquer an irrational fear is to confront it.  As the Twisted Hunt theme this time is Carnival, it made sense to make something clownish.  Although, if you really use your imagination, clown pants can simply be Harpo Marx pants.  And that’s okay,

The Clown Pants are available in ten colors, and will be Modify/Transfer, because they are a part of the Gacha ensemble of goodies coming out on September 1.  They are rigged mesh, and should be One Size Fits Most.  They are extra big in all aspects, and should fit female avatars as well as male avatars.  There’s an alpha included to cover up some inner leg issues, and the suspenders actually stand out from the chest quite a way, so should accommodate breasts and overly large male chests.

These pants work extraordinarily well with a nice tux style shirt and white gloves, as you can see.  The hat worn in the picture is not included.  It’s actually from the Gothic Harker Tux (purple), which will be available at Horrorfest for the first time.

I suppose I’d better let you know what’s included in your Clown Pants package, just in case it isn’t totally clear yet.  You get ONE mesh clown pant with suspenders, and one Clown Pant alpha.  The gacha prizes will cost 15L per play, and there will not only be 10 colors, but also 8 pairs of eyes, and 6 Cat Masks (2 aren’t shown on the image below), all made from mesh.

If I get a bit of time and inspiration, there may be more items in the gacha, but for now, the above items are the only currently planned.

AB Twisted Carnival Gacha

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