It’s Full of Stars – The Spangled Mage


Gandalf may have been a great White Wizard, but he probably could have defeated Saruman a whole lot sooner if he’d dressed in the Spangled Mage outfit from Avatar Bizarre.  The sparkly spangles could have dazzled the heck out of that old White Wizard’s ailing eyeballs, and probably even caused the eye of Sauron to water a bit from the light glinting off all the shiny bits.  Armies of Orcs (and whatever other creepy crawlies from the pits of Mordor happened along) would have stalled in their tracks, long enough for Gandalf to pummel the heck out of them with one well-aimed blast of light from that staff of his.


Available in six colors, the robe and the cravat are liberally festooned in silver stars.  Spangles, in fact.   What can I say but, “My god, it’s full of stars!”

All non-flex attachments are original mesh, and the boots are rigged.  It’s available in the store just in time for Halloween, which really should be celebrated year round.  Don’t let evil magicians get the jump on you.  Get your very own patented Spangled Mage outfit today!

Includes from top to bottom:
Wizard hat
Shirt collar with cravat
Robe collar
Robe collar with cape
Robe on jacket layer
Vest on shirt layer
Shirt on undershirt layer
Robe sleeves
Pants on underpant layer
Rigged boots
Boot alpha

Everything is copy and modify for your tactile pleasure

Available inworld and on the marketplace.

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