Oh, the HORROR! Shoulder Cthulhu, Bookended by Black and White

AB Mesh Shoulder Cthulhu Atrocious Albino

If you’ve never been owned by something that was summoned from the PITS OF DOOM, you simply haven’t lived.  Painfully extruded from the quagmire of meshy quicksand, the New, Improved, and Meshy Cthulhu shoulder pet has arrived at Avatar Bizarre.

Spawned from the primordial pits of DOOM, this meshy shoulder pet has been cloned from the most iniquitous and foul remnants of evil ever to be unearthed.

Many explorers and adventurers died horrible, slow, and painful deaths to secure the dark substance from whence these creatures sprang forth.

As with all creeping horrors and Elder Gods, purchase at your own peril, for you will be subjected to night terrors, dire hallucinations, and general disarray of the worst sort.

This, your very own Cthulhoid, has been summoned from the pits of Blender and extruded from only the most malicious mesh. Polygons were tortured, and normals were destroyed. Feeble will your tenuous grasp on sanity be.

You have been warned.

The nitty gritty:
These are not copy. Why would you? They would only self replicate and raise horrible armies with which to destroy the world.

They are modify. Good luck containing the perniciousness of these creatures.

They are transfer. After all, once you’ve been left a dried up soulless and pitiful husk, these creatures must find others on which to feed. Heaven forfend you actually want to gift this to someone. There may be laws against such an act.

Species: There are several, including various leopard spotted, zebra striped, and a wicked strain of albinism that makes Rasputin seem like a normal and sane guy.

LI: Approximately 12-15 LI, depending on how big they are. Turn into a tip jar at your own peril.

Made to be worn on the shoulder, or any extraneous body parts you don’t wish to keep.

Can be used as a door stop.

May eat the neighbor kids.


Dare you to get one.  Marketplace and Inworld.

AB Mesh Shoulder Cthulhu Ebil Black

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