I Wanna Rock!


You’ve been happily snoozing in your lava pit, dreaming of warm magma and chunks of silicate, when all of a sudden, your nap is interrupted by the something that sounds like molars grinding on aluminum.  Now who could be landing on your planetoid at this hour?  It’s practically the middle of the morning; the sun is barely a foot note in the black sky.

You rouse yourself from your snug caldera and claw your way over a ridge of soot covered sedimentary rock.  Oh no, there goes the neighborhood.  It looks like a bunch of middle-aged guys in polyester shirts have just materialized out of nowhere.  The one in the blue shirt has something resembling a 20th century Earth cassette recorder, and it’s making an irritating WHIRR WHIRR WHIRR noise that’s threatening to implode your head.

There’s a couple of humans headed towards you.  Their red shirts make them look delicious, but you’re still on the all-gravel diet your mate put you on.  You think, “does this quartz make my butt look fat?”  Shaking your head, you decide to rise up and scare the bejeezus out of the two men winding their way up the slope towards you.

RAR!!  You wave your arms wildly in greeting.  RARRRRRRRR!  Oh no.  Those two red shirts have just tumbled over backwards and are now sliding as fast as they can away from you!  Oh well, back to your hole…

Avatar Bizarre is happy to bring you the AB Rock Critter avatar.  it’s full of meshy goodness and includes a full body alpha.  It’s here, it’s hot, and it’s very now.  Currently available in Igneous rock only.  More rocks to come.

Get it now on the marketplace or inworld.


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