Daydream Believer


“I have no more than I did before
But now I’ve got all that I need
For I love you and I know you love me” — M. Nesmith, Papa Gene’s Blues, The Monkees

Once upon a time, four guys were chosen to become an acting and singing sensation on national television.  Two of them were actors who became musicians, and two were musicians who became actors.  During the two season run of their show, they fought tooth and nail to become recognized as a solid force in Rock and Roll.  Though they never quite achieved musical control during the latter part of the 60’s, they have legions of fans old and new.

The show, ironically about a rock band that never achieved success, gave us one of the most iconic and widely recognized outfits from the world of Rock and Roll.  We all know the green wool cap and the red bib shirts; the grey pants with the HUGE belt buckles (Peter’s belt buckle was always on his left hip).

Avatar Bizarre is thrilled to bring you the Daydream Believer.  This is 100% original mesh, and is inspired by and based on the well-known matching outfits of the Monkees.  It includes the shirt, and the pants (both in five sizes), the wool cap, and a pair of boots.  Of course there are alphas for the shirt, pants, and boots included.

The whole ensemble is 325L, and available in six colors:  Black, Red, Blue, and White (the four colors worn on the show), and Green, and Yellow to round out the collection.

If you’re looking for a solid vintage look, go no further.  This outfit is available on the Marketplace and Inworld.


Guitar is an animated mesh from Precious Design and Animation.


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