Oh, My Droogs and Devotchkas: A Clockwork Spiral

A Clockwork Spiral is a special event to raise money for the National Kidney Foundation.  It starts at 12pm (that’s Noon, for the time-impaired), Second Life Time, and runs for about five days.

Avatar Bizarre’s Booth is around the corner and down the street from the landing spot.


We have a lot of fun stuff available at this fair including that little guy pictured on the lower left corner of the photo.  That there is the Curdled Steampunk Mesh Shoulder Pet Cthulhu.  His LI ranges from 12LI on your shoulder to about 16LI if you size him up.  He’s Modify and Transfer.  Turn him into a tip jar, guardian at your gate, or something to scare off little kids and small dogs, or give him to a friend.  He is 100% original mesh, and costs 50L.


Avatar Bizarre is selling a few things at this event including the Baron Gothic suit.  This is partial mesh (the coat and boots are rigged).  The non-mesh bits are system layers that are gorgeously textured.  Comes with the requisite alpha layers and “standard” sizes.  Copy and modify.  The cost is 475L.


Next on the introduction block is the partial mesh Madder Hatter outfit, which is available in six colors.  The Clockwork Spiral price is 475L.  It is available only at the event until it ends, then will be up on the Marketplace and in the Avatar Bizarre Main Store for 500L, so get it while it’s discounted!  The coat, shirt, waistcoat, pants, and stockings are all system layers (fantastically detailed and textured), and the rest is original unrigged mesh attachments.  Everything is copy and modify.


Last, but certainly not least, is the Reginald Gothic mesh waistcoat.  50% of the sales on this item will go to the National Kidney Foundation.  Buying this item yields you a nifty waistcoat and rigged shirt sleeves, a system shirt layer (for under everything else), a mesh and flexiprim cravat, and the usual alpha layer.  Available in four colors, this item costs 150L, and is copy and modify.

As always, please try on the demos before you buy the mesh.

If you want more information about Avatar Bizarre (such as Landmarks, group information and whatnot), please hit the Avatar Bizarre sandwich board inside the shop.

And happy Clockwork Spiraling!


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