Teaser: Lovecraft Festival – OH THE HORROR!


You have been wandering the streets of the city, an unbearable sense of foreboding and terror has gripped your heart.  Something is lurking just outside your peripheral vision; something that has crawled from its desert temple.  Some claim it was a swarthy man, a Pharoah, who enslaves all who know him.  Others claim this unnamed horror is a black-skinned avatar of the Devil.  Known as the Crawling Chaos, Nyarlathotep has seeped into your mind, and you cannot escape its nefarious clutches.

Once again, LoveFest is lurking in the shadows of Second Life.  Due to emerge as a festival celebrating the life and works of H.P. Lovecraft, many creators, vendors, performers, and DJs will converge on all three Lovecraft sims in Second Life in November. 

Avatar Bizarre is happy to announce its sponsorship of the event (along with a few other fantastic folks).  Not only will we have our usual fantastic clothing and shoulder pet wares for you to peruse and buy, but we have been coerced by the Elder Gods to engage in the building of a scene out of Lovecraft’s works. 

There will be more information in the weeks to follow, including some landmarks.  Don’t miss this amazing event!

Nyarlathotep would not be pleased if you missed it. 


Nyarlathotep (Mesh statue) built by Sredni Eel


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