Vorpaling Twixt Yon Elven Tree – The Vorpal Suit


“He took his vorpal sword in hand:
Long time the manxome foe he sought —
So rested he by the Tumtum tree,
And stood awhile in thought.” – Lewis Carroll, Jabberwocky

Once more into the breach, my friends, once more.  Avatar Bizarre has reached a crescendo in the Lewis Carroll Fever Dreams collection in the Vorpal Suit.  As I flew amongst the trees in the Elven forest, a thought struck:  What if the real Jabberwocky were to catch the rumor of all these outfits being named for bits of his poem?


The Vorpal Suit is available in black, white, teal, purple, blue, red, and green, and comes with a few rigged and non-rigged mesh bits that are sure to please even the most aesthetically difficult to impress eyeball.  I should note that while most of the rigged bits should fit just about any avatar on Second Life, the spine may stand out from the slender and lovely backs of many female avatars.  A female version of the spine may be created at a later date, if I gain the courage and the…stuff.


Meanwhile, here’s what you get in every box of vitamin fortified Vorpal parts of this nutritious breakfast:

System coat
System pants
System waistcoat
System shirt
Rigged turtleneck collar for those times you don’t feel like wearing the coat
Rigged coat collar
Rigged spine thingamajigger
Rigged gloves
Rigged shoes
Coat tails
Shoe alpha

I hope I haven’t missed anything.  The whole point of this outfit is to give you the most permutations possible, while still being freakishly fantastic.


Available inworld and on the marketplace

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