The Goddess Hera – A New Fitted Mesh Toga

As you may or may not be aware, Linden Lab has adopted Fitted Mesh into its lexicon of shinies, which periodically make Second Life residents happy.  Fitted mesh, unlike regular rigged mesh, incorporates something like eight extra bones in the rigging.  In layman’s terms, this means that you can use more sliders in the Edit Avatar window while wearing a fitted mesh object, and the mesh on bits like the butt, boobs, and love handles will expand or contract accordingly.  While it isn’t a perfect solution (you will probably still need to wear an alpha to hide pokey outey bits), fitted mesh is a lot more flexible than relying on “standard sizes” which are anything but.

Avatar Bizarre is happy to present its first foray into the world of Fitted mesh:  The Hera Toga.  Each box contains the five standard sizes and alpha, in addition to the fitted mesh toga, just in case folks cannot use the viewers required to see fitted mesh.  If you’re on an older viewer and put on a fitted mesh item, it will likely have a lot of odd bits sticking out from the main mesh, and just generally looks really weird. 

The Hera Toga is currently available in seven luscious colors.

Don’t worry, guys, there’s a male fitted mesh toga coming very soon!

On the marketplace and inworld.

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