If It Ain’t Baroque, Don’t Fix It


People say that fashion trends repeat themselves, but apart from a bit of 60’s style Austin Powers Mod, I have yet to see a full blown men’s 18th Century suit sitting on the racks at Macys.  It’s a shame, really, because some of the stuff from the Prince Regent era was pretty stunning, what with the hand-sewn brocade, glittery baubles, lace, and silk stockings strutting around all over the place.  The 18th Century was a spectacular time for the Aristocracy (not so much for the proles), and not only brought us charming music from the likes of Mozart, but also gave us our first real glimpse of Baroque celebrity.  We thrilled to see Prince George parading around in his finery.  We cheered for William Pitt, the Younger.  And if Edmund Blackadder had really lived, we’d have sarcastically mocked the whole gambit while getting a slap of tea at Mrs. Miggins’ pie shop.

With the advent of mesh (meaning I’ve finally mastered the Evil that is Blender), it’s time to unveil the Prince Regent suit from Avatar Bizarre!

The Deuce, you say!

The Prince Regent is 100% original (mostly) rigged mesh.  It’s available in eight different colors, and includes several options for wear.

  • Frock coat only
    Each set includes a frock coat you can wear by itself.  It’s made a bit on the larger side so it fits over other things.  You can mix and match and figure out what works best.
  • Waistcoat and shirt only
    Included in every suit is a waistcoat and shirt that were built to be worn separate of the coat.
  • Frock coat, waistcoat and shirt
    This is a set that works using alphas to mask out the shirt sleeves and the back of the waistcoat so neither will poke through your frock coat.

Of course, you also get the pants, stockings with shoes, an unrigged cravat, and unrigged tricorn.  Oh, and the ISO 900 alpha layer to hide some of your bits.


As always, please try the demo before you buy this outfit.  Available on the Marketplace and inworld at my main store location.

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