Tudors Down and To the Left


I was recently asked to make the Swiss Vatican Guard uniform, and it got me thinking:  Why not just make Tudor outfits in addition to the Guard?  The styles are pretty much the same, only with the Guard you also get gloves, pikes, and sometimes funky faux sleeve slashing.  While the Swiss Guard at the Vatican has not changed its uniform much in the past five hundred years (it added laced shoes a bit ago), the Tudor costume has long since died out in current fashion circles.

The Tudor is a complete costume, including hose, unrigged shoes (so they can be modified), doublet, pants, the ubiquitous codpiece, and unrigged hat with a plume.  It’s available in several colors so you can Hey your Nonny Nonny with relish and aplomb.


“To you, Baldrick, the Renaissance is just something that happened to other people, isn’t it?”

There are a lot of different sims that cater to the Renaissance and Medieval eras in Second LIfe.  A simple search of Renaissance will bring you to some lovely Tudor style parcels.  If you’re really adventurous, you can brave Avilion.  It can be a bit on the lagged side, but there seems to be a thriving community of medieval and fantasy role play there.  They even have one of those formal ballrooms where you can dance with your significant other.  So because of all this, and the fact that I really enjoy making historic costumes, Avatar Bizarre has one of the widest and most varied historic garb collections on the grid.


The Tudor is available inworld and in the Marketplace.  It should fit most classic male avatars, in addition to some of the new custom mesh avatars out there.  Be that as it may, I would heartily suggest getting the demo first.  It’s free, funky, and full of vitamins.

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