The Vatican Rag – Pontifical Swiss Guard Uniforms

I was approached recently about creating the Pontifical Swiss Guard uniforms.  Apparently there’s a whole role playing group centered around The Vatican, and all three uniforms were required.  In the order of appearance (I have not completed the last one yet) we have the functional work uniform, the decorative and formal red, yellow and blue uniform, and the Commander’s uniform, which includes a fair bit of armor.

The first uniform up for your perusal is the functional daily blue uniform, which hasn’t changed much since the early 1500s, when the Swiss Guard first became a Thing in the courts of Europe.  While the Swiss Guard actually did pull duty in a variety of different areas at its inception, it’s best known now as a Pontifical guard at The Vatican.

AB Swiss Guard - Vatican (Regular Duty Uniform)

Available inworld and on the Marketplace, the blue Swiss Guard uniform includes a rigged mesh tunic or doublet, rigged pants, unrigged beret, unrigged shoes, system stockings, system gloves, and for the Slink Enhanced avatar, appliers for gloves.  There’s a free demo, so feel free to try it out.  Everything but the system stockings and gloves will work on a custom mesh avatar.
The more formal Pontifical uniform is more widely known.  Like the blue version, this is mostly rigged mesh, with unrigged shoes and beret.  It’s Slink enhanced, but also includes the system gloves.  This will work fine for both classic Second Life Avatars and for Custom Mesh Avatars.  But, like all mesh things, please try the demo first!

AB Swiss Pontifical Guard (Formal)

Also available inworld and on the marketplace.



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