Leofwin, My Dear Friend…


Leofwin is a name that conjures up images of the Medieval world and, indeed, it was the name of the actual Bishop of Litchfield, appointed by King Edward the Confessor of England around the 10th century A.D.  Leofwin is a name that means “dear friend”.  It is also the name of a new outfit in Avatar Bizarre’s growing collection of Gothic mesh items.


A relatively simple ensemble, the Leofwin is smartly casual.  A rigged mesh jacket settles over a simple dragon emblazoned black teeshirt.  Polished metal chains criss-cross over the chest to hearken back to the days of wearing chain mail for protection.  Colored latex pants gleam smoothly, adhering tightly to the legs.  These are system layer pants that tuck into shiny leather boots.  The whole package includes five jacket sizes (along with the front of the shirt), a pair of unrigged boots, and the pants, plus a couple of alpha layers for good measure.


Leofwin is available in several jewel-toned colors, plus black for the Gothy-Goths out there.

On the Marketplace and available inworld.


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