The Glorious Ludwig van…

I have to admit.  I’m a huge fan of A Clockwork Orange.  I also quite enjoy Beethoven.  So when I was making this new outfit, I figured I should name it after one of the greatest composers in history: The Glorious Ludwig van, as Alex deLarge was fond of calling him.  Beethoven’s iconic high-collared coat is the inspiration for the Ludwig Tux.  This ensemble not only draws from the late 18th century styles, but also from 19th and very early 20th century styles.  Generally, when I make a historic style, I stick with one era and try to be true to the real deal, but this is more of a fantasy suit.  It’s Gothic, in the dark club sense of the word, while being somewhat anachronistic, and a stylistic oddball.  Such is Second Life fashion.

Naturally, when writing up any blog post, there’s this driving need to find a suitable spot on the grid in which to take pictures.  Between monkeying with the right windlight settings, messing around with camera settings, and searching around for great locations, blogging can certainly turn into a full time occupation.  Luckily, this particular sim has been around since I signed into Second Life, and it’s one of my favorites, though there isn’t much there.  Just a meadow, a piano, a lake, and some benches.  It’s ideal for photographing a suit named after a classical composer, because the piano you see me hunched over is scripted to play the sim owner’s own deft piano playing (though the music is Mozart, not Beethoven, but we can overlook that, can’t we?)

In spite of the expression on my face, the area is serene and calming.

The Ludwig Tux is a delightful throwback to several bygone eras.  The wingtips, mostly worn by Las Vegas magicians these days (Hey, Teller!) cast a shine that matches the color of each suit.  That’s one of the fun things about using materials; you can adjust shine so it realistically reflects colors around the objects that have the heightmaps applied.  In addition to the fancy wingtips, the creased pants sport a herringbone texture.  The cravat, a mix of sculpts, mesh, and flexi prims, has a bright metallic sheen that, like the shoes, reflects the colors of the jacket in a magical way.

Of course the whole thing is set off by a white waistcoat and a high-collared velvet brocade tailcoat.  Available inworld and on the marketplace, it comes in eight different colors.  This is a delightful addition to any discerning male avatar’s wardrobe.

Be sure to try the demo before you buy the suit.

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